Can you be too engaging with your customer?

Near where I live in Connecticut there are two local wine stores, in both the staff are friendly, they are as knowledgeable about wine as I need them to be and they both recognize me when I come in. They sell pretty much the same selection of products that easily satisfy my wine preferences, there..

Personality goes a long way….

In this post I would like to explore personality in content marketing and the digital customer experience, but I am going to start with my kettle. Moving into a new house from the UK, we found ourselves needing a new kettle. Not much in that, I’m English, I drink tea, so I am bound to..

Has CRM Finally Decided it Owns the Customers Digital Voice?

So, today has moved to acquire Radian6, a respected and possibly ‘leading’ vendor in the relatively new space of Social Media Monitoring (SMM), a rival to products like Alterian’s SM2 product that I knew relatively well. For anyone interested in digital engagement whether you call it web (WEM), customer (CEM) or pervasive (PEM) this..

Content vs Conversation – no.. email is not a CMS…

I’ve just had a great conversation with a new Gilbane client (a really switched on bunch of folks) and one of the guys  used the expression “content vs conversation” when talking about the way content is shared in their organization. How, like an awful lot of our organizations there is an awful lot of content..

Is WordPress a CMS? Hardly? Barely?

The perennial “what is a CMS” debate broke out this week, with a fairly innocuous tweet from Dirk Shaw, “I am sorry but wordpress is hardly a web content management system.” that many of our CMS community waded into and included this post on CMS Myth arguing in favour and just about everyone arguing against… and crikey..

The Future of Content Management

CMS bloggers of the world have been double dared again, not this time by @kasthomas, but by Julian Wraith (@julianwraith)- who in this post wants the CMS community to gaze into our crystal balls and speculate on the future of Content Management.I think the Future of Content Management is about people. Is that too predictable,..