Resurrecting Persuasive Content

Recently I’ve undertaken a career move that has taken me from working for a software vendor, taking our products to market, back to the world of consulting, sharing my experience and advising clients on how to take their products to market. Alongside some super smart folks at Tahzoo, I’m working with our clients to help..

Blog Tip #1 – The Why? Measurement, motivation and me

It may surprise you to learn that as a ‘more occasionally than I would like’ blogger and lets face it ‘occasionally lapsed’ blogger (according to my chum Robert Rose)  I am asked for advice about blogging, but this week I was. I’ve read so many tips about blogging over the years, some I’ve learned from..

6 Tips for Improving Mobile Customer Experience

There are many different ways for businesses to go mobile. And while this may be good news for some organizations, others may be confused by the number of options available. In addition, some tactics, such as producing a native application or optimizing a Web site for the mobile screen, may work better for one organization but..

Personality goes a long way….

In this post I would like to explore personality in content marketing and the digital customer experience, but I am going to start with my kettle. Moving into a new house from the UK, we found ourselves needing a new kettle. Not much in that, I’m English, I drink tea, so I am bound to..

The ‘M’ in ECM and ERP

In the discussion of what ECM is, we’ve seen a few analogies lately of comparing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- me included. Most of this discussion is around the ‘E’ (such as this by Jon Marks) but I thought I’d have a look at the M. Management. Yes, yes.. I know..