Has CRM Finally Decided it Owns the Customers Digital Voice?

So, today Salesforce.com has moved to acquire Radian6, a respected and possibly ‘leading’ vendor in the relatively new space of Social Media Monitoring (SMM), a rival to products like Alterian’s SM2 product that I knew relatively well. For anyone interested in digital engagement whether you call it web (WEM), customer (CEM) or pervasive (PEM) this..

Leaving the Tribes and Becoming a Real Boy

As you probably know, last week I left Alterian, a marketing platform vendor (who just over 18 months ago acquired my previous WCM vendor employer Mediasurface) for The Gilbane Group. Whilst, I’m accustomed to change, in the last twenty two years (OK, I started young and didn’t get an education!) I’ve only worked for five..

On Strategy, Twinterviews and Haiku

I think we can safely say that the last two week have been quite lively for Alterian Content Manager, as after an incubation with partners, customers and analysts we took our product strategy and roadmap to the social web. I’ve tweeted, interviewed, commented, posted and now (finally) blogged our message to the CMS community –..

Back to blogging…

Been a while since the last post and no this isn’t yet another dead blog, merely resting, honest. My focus over the last few months has been of transition from Mediasurface Morello CTO, through our companies acquisition by Alterian to my new role as VP Content Management Strategy – and suddenly those few months have..