The cool web kids are social, is your CMS ready to hang with them?

This week I had the pleasure of returning to an old haunt as I was asked to present at Gilbane Boston.

I say ‘old haunt’ as I was actually completely blindsided by the fact it was not at the Westin in Copley Place – which, by my reckoning, it had been there since before Vignette was founded (or when we were all children). Therefore my cunning plan to stay in my current favorite reasonably priced hotel in Boston (the Colonnade), positioned just outside the Copley place action was a bad one.

Anyway, besides my mistake, the venue was actually great and better than the half mall/half hotel that is Copley…

…..but this is not a travelogue, I am here to write about my presentation.

At Gilbane you always present with at least one other speaker, which can result in a fabulous lottery where you toss your speaking proposal hat in the ring and sometime later you find out who you got paired with and how the Gilbane programme will describe the performance that this new double act will perform.

On this occasion my new best friend for the afternoon was AJ Gerritson, founding partner at 451 Marketing -, the lovely folks at Gilbane billed our matinee debut as: Building an Integrated Marketing Campaign for the Digital World and my friend Scott Liewehr (who was running the track)  had already insisted I write some new material – so here was what I talked about:

All the cool web kids are social, is your CMS ready to hang with them?

· The ‘social web’ is now just ‘the web’, many websites today and all of our websites tomorrow will be social community spaces.

· Our platform for marketing, PR and engagement will not be limited to a fixed URL, but a broader social media, multi-channel experience.

· Today organizations are taking a tactical approach to these challenges, with niche tools and loose business practices to augment their tried and tested web content strategies.

· As the requirement to socialize becomes a mainstream business imperative, is it time to evolve from WCM to a Social CMS?

Now reading that last point you may be thinking “Bloody hell Ian ‘Social CMS’ you vendor guys inventing another category?” (or words to that effect) – but that is certainly not the case. My big finish was (*warning spoiler ahead*) how actually all these new channels need a mature content management strategy and systems.

That, as content management professionals – our time has come.

I was videoed and I am sure Gilbane will post a link (follow @GilbaneBoston ) – I’ve also posted my slides on Slideshare here.


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