3 Steps to Trust not Bust Your Customer Experience Silos

In my last post, I talked about the importance of taking a customer-centric view of business systems. Not meaning the software applications that organisations run, but the people, policies, processes and organisations that makes up the way a business interacts with it’s customers. I described this as “thinking inside the box” and discussed some of..

Has CRM Finally Decided it Owns the Customers Digital Voice?

So, today Salesforce.com has moved to acquire Radian6, a respected and possibly ‘leading’ vendor in the relatively new space of Social Media Monitoring (SMM), a rival to products like Alterian’s SM2 product that I knew relatively well. For anyone interested in digital engagement whether you call it web (WEM), customer (CEM) or pervasive (PEM) this..

The ‘M’ in ECM and ERP

In the discussion of what ECM is, we’ve seen a few analogies lately of comparing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- me included. Most of this discussion is around the ‘E’ (such as this by Jon Marks) but I thought I’d have a look at the M. Management. Yes, yes.. I know..