Real Life Customer Service is the Benchmark for Digital (Or Just Don’t Piss People Off)

This week I enjoyed a few hours at a roundtable for marketing folks, organised by Marketing Week, the subject of the discussion was personalisation. As we went around the table, articulating our experience of personalisation, the good, bad and ugly, it seemed when describing the good, everyone was describing what we are looking for in..

Content marketing – it’s more then just being in the attention business

I’m working on a post for our company blog, thinking about how companies need to engage their employees when they are rolling out customer experience or digital transformation projects. The post is about “breaking down the silos”, that is often discussed by industry commentators and vendors and I contest that there is another way; that..

Bacon Content

What’s that content that you can’t resist? I’ve often read content marketing advice that says that if you include numbers and lists in your blog posts and mention them in the title – everyone clicks on them. So, if I see a headline that says “top 10 things to do about this” or “5 things you..

Have you thought about why I like you on Facebook?

The answer seems simple, I like your product or service, I like you on Facebook as I want to learn more about you, I want to follow you, maybe be in your tribe. I’ve now given you consent to engage with me – that big consent word that marketers love (that I’ve written about before)…

Klout; your score is 100 MILLION

Like just about anyone and everyone who writes about social media, I am going to jump in with a point of view on the reports that Klout will be acquired for $100m by Lithium. I’ve written about Klout before, back in 2011 in this post “They don’t want your name, just your number” and my..

Care to Be Shared? 6 Questions to Ask Of Your Content

I recently came across an article on the Business2Community blog that discussed conformity versus creativity in content marketing. It’s worth a read, but buried in the article, I got introduced to  a common sense list of questions that I think content marketers should ask of their content, especially if they hope will be shared. So,..

CXM: Do you Hunt and Make Fire or Order Pizza?

Call the holistic practice of engaging customers via the internet WCM, WEM, CEM or CXM – there is essential business change required to really provide a consistently great, cross channel, global customer experience. I was pondering this today, as a couple of articles popped into my RSS reader on the changing role of the CMO and..