Ian Truscott

Creating ART for Innovators. That’s Awareness, Revenue, and Trust for innovative B2B technology companies.

Ian Truscott is a senior marketing executive, content marketing and product marketing expert and trusted advisor to clients looking to create their story, develop a strategy to tell that story to the world, and assemble the essential technology building blocks to make that happen.

As a technologist turned marketer, with two decades in the content management industry, Ian has a broad perspective. His diverse career has included C-suite leadership positions at leading marketing technology vendors, working in agencies as a strategic advisor to brands like American Express, Nasdaq, SAS, and 3M and as an industry analyst.

Ian is an experience speaker, event facilitator, former CTO and CMO, Director of The Content Management Professional Association and is a regular columnist for the popular industry publication CMSWire.

Ian was named in “Top 20 martech influencers in the UK” by B2BMarketing.net.

.. manages to explain business-critical ideas clearly and with a sense of humor — which is a rarity in this area. His enthusiasm for the market he works in no way dulls his critical abilities. I recommend anyone looking for a voice of reason in the software technology world to seek Ian’s input

Siobhan Fagan, Managing Editor at Simpler Media Group, Inc.





Editor Rockstar CMO


“Product. Communications. Customer. When I worked with him, Ian Truscott excelled at all three” Marina Grazier / Owner Director


..a dedication to making the product successful. A man of deeply held and well-supported ideas, Ian is great at communicating them to all.. – Chris Nolan, CTO

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