Resurrecting Persuasive Content

Recently I’ve undertaken a career move that has taken me from working for a software vendor, taking our products to market, back to the world of consulting, sharing my experience and advising clients on how to take their products to market.

Alongside some super smart folks at Tahzoo, I’m working with our clients to help them to understand their audience,  implement content marketing, develop content strategies to support them and to implement the tools and publishing processes that make up the content office or content factory that is often described as the second business of most organizations.

So, I’m hoping to be talking about content more and so I thought I’d dust down the old monicker for this blog, the URL I’ve had redirected to this blog for years and start writing the Persuasive Content blog again.

Hopefully I can devote some time to writing here and there, let’s face it the world doesn’t need another zombie blog.

So, if you follow me here and you are interested in content management, content marketing, content strategy and want to learn what I’ve learned working with some great clients, then please pop over to Persuasive Content.


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