The ART of B2B Marketing

B2B marketing today is a fascinating business practice, we have so much data available, channels to influence the buyer with and a constant stream of best practices and advice and perhaps, sometimes we get lost in all this and make our lives complicated. To avoid this distraction, my advice is to split your marketing and measurement..

Marketers: Engage with the Real People – A Lesson from Brexit and Trump

Regardless of your politics, it seems to me that there is a common thread flowing through the momentous stories of today (Brexit, Trump or Corbyn); the turmoil of uncertainty created by surprise. What’s on the mind of the people seems to have come as huge surprise, evidence of a disconnect between the people that make and..

What is content?

Recently in the UK marketing publication Campaign, author, serial agency founder and regular columnist Dave Trott wrote about what he thought about the future of content in Content, Content, Content. In the article he rather glumly recalls a discussion during a future of content event; No-one defined it because, to everyone else, it didn’t seem important..