On Strategy, Twinterviews and Haiku

I think we can safely say that the last two week have been quite lively for Alterian Content Manager, as after an incubation with partners, customers and analysts we took our product strategy and roadmap to the social web. I’ve tweeted, interviewed, commented, posted and now (finally) blogged our message to the CMS community –..

Inside the Google Walled Garden

I admit I am a big Google advocate, I have spent a fair amount of time at their cool European HQ In London, at partner events and I even coded the first shipped iteration of our Google Search Appliance Connector (thankfully now looked after by proper developers!). Also, I admit I’ve only spent a few..

Who am I – Part II

Inspired by a tweet by Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) about people creating two Facebook accounts for business and personal, plus the resulting feedback from my colleague Joe Stanhope (@joestanhope) got me thinking about my previous post on who is the online me? Ian TruscottFounder of the B2B marketing agency appropingo and editor of Rockstar CMO. I’m..

Community and comments

Last week I read a blog post by Jeremiah Owyang at Forrester (an analyst focused on social software), that added another angle to the comments/no comments discussion on blogging. In this post he’s found that most blog readers use an RSS aggregator or reader of some kind to stay current and that rather interestingly he..