Leaving the Tribes and Becoming a Real Boy

As you probably know, last week I left Alterian, a marketing platform vendor (who just over 18 months ago acquired my previous WCM vendor employer Mediasurface) for The Gilbane Group. Whilst, I’m accustomed to change, in the last twenty two years (OK, I started young and didn’t get an education!) I’ve only worked for five..

Alterian CMS Meme Response

At the beginning of last week a CMS ‘meme’ broke out, where CMS vendor bloggers were challenged to reveal something about their products functionality and then tag other vendors to do similar. Day kicked this off from their developer site using a set of questions posted by Kas Thomas at CMS Watch, In this post, I make a..

It’s Alterian!

After a short period of fevered speculation our potential acquirer was announced on Friday as Alterian plc – I say potential as it’s subject to all the customary closing conditions which are likely to take six weeks to complete. Ian TruscottI’m a marketing executive (CMO/VP), a marketing strategist, content marketer, columnist, speaker, industry watcher, but..