It’s Alterian!

After a short period of fevered speculation our potential acquirer was announced on Friday as Alterian plc – I say potential as it’s subject to all the customary closing conditions which are likely to take six weeks to complete.

Having got my caveats out of the way, I believe that this is hugely exciting for us. In the same way that I have talked about Morello delivering on the promise of Web Content Management, of truly enabling wide spread author adoption and participation in the web publishing process, I think this kind of marriage is what dynamic web delivery was built for.

What do I mean by that? Well many of us have had a good flirt with personalization, but at best it is typically restricted to a single channel (the web) or even to a single experience, maybe only based around previous transactions or limited to that session. Fine if you are Amazon, I only interact with them on the one channel – OK maybe two if you count e-mail, oh hang on.. they slip leaflets into my parcels too – so that’s print – is that three? Of course, most businesses, including our own, meet people in many different ways.

But, it’s not just about pulling together those crumbs of information we leave dotted around the companies we deal with. It’s of joining those dots with marketing processes, experience, tools, partners – of turning that unified set of data into a dialog with your consumers – a tough ask if that’s not your core competence. We have for some time seen Morello as a tool for the marketers – for the communicators in an organization – and it’s a natural fit to bring content into that marketing platform mix. This consumer insight and acting on it is a key piece of the Persuasive Content principal that I discussed here.

Forrester have been quick to blog positively about the aquisition and I look forward to seeing how this discussion shapes up and their upcoming research. We are joining an exciting, growing company and we will have something different to offer this market.

To learn more about the acquisition of Mediasurface by Alterian click here.

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