Joining the Trend for WCM Trends

I’m going to kick off 2010 with a blog post about Web Content Management, enough for now of my wittering on about my place in the social web or even web engagement. Content is still king and as I catch up with three weeks or so of my RSS reader, it seems that at the..

Alterian CMS Meme Response

At the beginning of last week a CMS ‘meme’ broke out, where CMS vendor bloggers were challenged to reveal something about their products functionality and then tag other vendors to do similar. Day kicked this off from their developer site using a set of questions posted by Kas Thomas at CMS Watch, In this post, I make a..

Dreaming in Code – No Really!

At some point I need to reconnect with the rest of my life – I realised this as I flicked open “Dreaming in Code“, after a day of dealing with Product Development and an evening of refactoring my frankly poorly designed personal coding project (I recently decided that Java coding purely for personal pleasure was a..