Interview with Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore

Recently I was interviewed by Paige O’Neill, CMO Sitecore. Which was a rarity for me these days to be interviewed by someone else, as I am normally doing the interviewing, either over on RockstarCMO or as some folks remember the close to 90 interviews of my colleagues when as CMO of censhare on Inside censhare…

Tuesday 2 cents – Two Questions: Why?

I’m no Simon Sinek, but in this week’s Tuesday 2¢ I suggest asking why and how doing this often will bring focus to your marketing.In many organisations marketing works on a hamster wheel, there is a press release to be released, a product to be launched, a social media post to be posted and the..

Tuesday 2¢ – The Power of No

One of the most powerful business words is “no”. Often representing the negative, the closed minded, the objection to change, but in this week’s Tuesday 2 cents I advocate the power of a purposeful and positive no.

Tuesday 2¢ – Have a Little Empathy

In this week’s Tuesday 2 cents I take a look at a key attribute of successful sales people and figure that empathy is the goal for all B2B marketers.  This week I am inspired by a book about sales from 2005 that I picked up second hand – I couldn’t resist the title; “Sales on..