8 thoughts on “Throwing The Vendor Baby Out With The Implementation Bath Water?

  1. Personally, I can cite more projects where I’ve thrown out the crew with the grubby bathwater rather than the tools/vendor so, on that basis, I agree with the main thrust of your post.

    I think the real challenge for practitioners is being able to position themselves so that they can achieve this, as and when necessary. The somewhat cosy relationships that develop between implementation crews and vendors can often make it challenging to bring about this change – often because it is driven by a mutual ‘profit incentive’.

    So, regardless of our interesting exchange around your last post reference Drupal and what you regard as ‘complete folly’, I will state the case for Open Source, in this instance, for its potential to break down the crew/vendor bonds and give practitioners more power to make strategic changes when and where necessary.

  2. I agree – the CMS is almost never the problem with a site and assuming you didn’t somewhere along the like end up with a dud or are running something that doesn’t fit with the skills you have in your organisation it shouldn’t “need” changing.

    That said I do think people should, from time to time seriously ask the question as to the value of the CMS they have. I agree Open Source is anything but free – and I have seen CMS procurement projects make that very mistake – but many propitiatory vendors have become complacent over the years and are charging a lot for very little.

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