Tuesday 2¢ – Have a Little Empathy

In this week’s Tuesday 2 cents I take a look at a key attribute of successful sales people and figure that empathy is the goal for all B2B marketers.  This week I am inspired by a book about sales from 2005 that I picked up second hand – I couldn’t resist the title; “Sales on..

The ART of B2B Marketing

B2B marketing today is a fascinating business practice, we have so much data available, channels to influence the buyer with and a constant stream of best practices and advice and perhaps, sometimes we get lost in all this and make our lives complicated. To avoid this distraction, my advice is to split your marketing and measurement..

Real Life Customer Service is the Benchmark for Digital (Or Just Don’t Piss People Off)

This week I enjoyed a few hours at a roundtable for marketing folks, organised by Marketing Week, the subject of the discussion was personalisation. As we went around the table, articulating our experience of personalisation, the good, bad and ugly, it seemed when describing the good, everyone was describing what we are looking for in..