If You Get Social Media Engagement; Say My Name..

Last week I had a splendid experience flying British Airways. I am shallow enough to admit that on this occasion “splendid experience” does indeed include an upgrade, but it doesn’t always with BA. I am also not naive enough to know that my nice treatment is not down to my smile, but the commercial reality..

Is the C in CXM actually Credibility?

I don’t often talk directly about my day to day work here on this blog, but I’ve just come back from a management team meeting and as we discussed our messaging and our own customer engagement journey, I found myself using a simple word time and time again and it was credibility. This then got..

Seven Deadly Sins White Paper

The presentation I gave at IMS has been turned into a white paper, with assistance from Kerry one of our marketing managers – you can get it at our website here: Seven Deadly Sins Discussion Paper. You’ll need to register to download it, but if you are embarking on a WCMS implementation, hopefully you’ll find..