Seven Deadly Sins White Paper

The presentation I gave at IMS has been turned into a white paper, with assistance from Kerry one of our marketing managers – you can get it at our website here: Seven Deadly Sins Discussion Paper. You’ll need to register to download it, but if you are embarking on a WCMS implementation, hopefully you’ll find it useful.

I referred to this presentation in an earlier post in December; I was very pleasantly surprised with the attendance, the feedback we received and it led to some great conversations at the show. I am stating the obvious when I say that  implementing any enterprise software is clearly a rocky road and I found folks who’s projects had stumbled at various points and it’s not just about the software that has been selected.

One delegate I spoke to had completed the software selection process, had everything in place, but was struggling to ignite the blue touch paper on the project and kick it off the implementation. The business saw the software selection as one project and milestone that had been completed, but had not tied that to whatever was going to happen next.  It almost seemed as if they had not considered why they were buying the software in the first place.

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