Interview with Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore

Recently I was interviewed by Paige O’Neill, CMO Sitecore. Which was a rarity for me these days to be interviewed by someone else, as I am normally doing the interviewing, either over on RockstarCMO or as some folks remember the close to 90 interviews of my colleagues when as CMO of censhare on Inside censhare.

Anyway, Paige is posting around two interviews a week, asking various industry folks about their experience of the current crisis, what we think will be the “new normal,” and I was delighted to be her second guest. Check out Paige’s LinkedIn feed for all the videos.

Probably as much for my benefit of putting them somewhere where I can easily find them (they are embedded LinkedIn videos trapped in the feed) here they are, in glorious technicolor.

In the first we chat about the broader potential impacts of working from home, in the second we get onto something maybe I’m a little better qualified to talk about, digital transformation and content marketing.

For a corporate CMO Paige is creating a really nice thing that’s raw, unbranded and authentic. if you like them, please click on the links and let Paige know 🙂


The original post for video 1 is here.

The original post for video 2 is here.

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