The Tweet Effect – Who am I?

Been encouraged to Twitter and get further involved in the online community – you can follow me at http://twitter.com/iantruscott. It took me a while to get my toe in the water, but I am definitly in now.  Did the obvious things first, wrote two entries that were exactly 140 characters long – then started to view the world through “what’s twitterable” eyes (or is that tweeterable?). Is writing this post worth a tweet… hang on..  stop! But who am I twittering as?

Facebook – what am I doing now – is easier, I know the audience, well sort of – I am the me who is the friend / school classmate / husband / brother / son, – on LinkedIn I am the ex-colleague, vendor representative, partner –  professional relationship. On Twitter – am I supposed to all of those things?

That’s the problem with the social web right now, our real relationships are more subtle, what I share with a school friend I haven’t seen in 25 years, someone I met Saturday for a beer and my colleagues at work are all  distinctly different.

I haven’t always been the “today me”, some people expect me to be “1996 me” – to refer to that set of references that form our relationship.

Some people call me ‘Trussy’ – (if you don’t know me really well and you call me that, I’ll be irrationally pissed off), to others I am bruv, son, Mr T, Ian or that bloke that did that presentation at Kick Off last year.

They want and expect a different level of intimacy, profesionalism, openness – I can’t possibly distill the real me into a single on-line entity.

Does this mean I have to choose?

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