“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive…”

Is your website is a living thing? While I am sure you wouldn’t cast your website in the role of a monster, this classic line from the 1931 Frankenstein film captures that moment, when your website bursts into activity, that blip on your website statistics graph. 

“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive…”

Of course your website is not a monster – it’s a beautiful thing, someone in the web team has given you a puppy.

A puppy?

Sure, you didn’t want a stuffed toy did you? 

They could have made you a teddy bear, a very expensive teddy bear. Something that is static, is the same every day that you look at it.

It’s charming enough on day one, but it’s reliably similar on day two and no-one is going to ask you how your teddy bear is by day 3 and I am certainly not making a special trip to see it.

You could of course call up Steiff (your expensive Teddy Bear makers) and tell them that your visitor now needs to see it differently, a new bow or a slightly different pose. Maybe add something, a waistcoat or a hat. Maybe the visitors will swing by if we had a new hat?

But – making those changes is expensive.

No, what you wanted was something alive, dynamic – a puppy. 

If you look after it, your puppy will charm, interact with and engage  your visitor – it will try to please them, as you do. After all, we all know that dogs reflect their owners. 

If treated badly it will – like an unruly dog – upset your visitors, neighbours and friends, financially ruin you, destroy your house and control your life!

Of course you must treat it well and it will also change, grow and evolve – it will adapt to it’s surroundings – your puppy, I mean website, will dynamically reflect changes in your industry, events, breaking trends, product launches and competitive threats.   

So, you have something charming, fresh, dynamic – engaging.  Your website. 

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