Tuesday 2¢: Our Asteroid.

This Tuesday 2¢ I’m cheating a bit, this is lifted from some work I am doing for a client. Not the good stuff, just an analogy of the current crisis that a chum asked me to share.

It’s widely accepted that it was a massive asteroid strike that was responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs. Not the impact itself, but the indirect changes to the environment from the dust cloud it created, that changed the amount of food available and made being a giant reptile unsustainable.

Similarily the impact of COVID-19 has had an immediate, overnight effect, but we are starting to see the significant indirect changes it’s caused in the business environment. In remote flexible working, consumers’ expectations, and how we do business.

It’s clear that this will require organizations to adapt.

While devastating for the dinosaurs, the asteroid of sixty-six million years ago accelerated evolution and ecological diversity. Similarily, coronavirus has struck the market and handed agile digital businesses an evolutionary advantage.

That’s the analogy and while talking about the current crisis requires some sensitivity, it’s clear the dust cloud has been thrown up.

The business environment has been irrevocably changed, the new normal is not now, it won’t be whatever we had pre-virus but whatever is next there will be winners who evolve into this new environment.

It’s our asteroid.

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