A Meme Challenge – 10 things about me

Kas Thomas has been at it again, this time throwing down a personal meme gauntlet, by sharing 10 things about himself and tagging his blogroll to do the same, but I carelessly tweeted about it and soon him and Irina Guseva tagged me and having been double dared – now I am in.

So… here are 10 things about me…

  1. I have very little education! I wasn’t focused at that critical point in my life, educationally torn between art and computer science – try a morning of deep computing theory followed by an afternoon of abstract impressionism – of say Mark Rothko – too much for my 17 year old mind. Combined with being from a modest family – I chose to work and got my education by teaching myself computing working the night shift as a compter operator in the UK civil service. I am kind of proud of that, which is why I blogged about Jacqueline Guichelaar Deutsche Bank Enterprise Services CTO, who started out the same way.
  2. I have always liked tea, but now I am recent convert to leaf tea after a great experience being served ‘real’ tea at a meeting in a hotel. I recently got an infuser type tea pot from my wife and working through the range at Whittards of Chelsea – current favourite is Russian Caravan – which is a Yunnan blend – it makes a cuppa something akin to a good cigar.
  3. Talking of Chelsea, I am a fan – as anyone who’s met me or sees me speak knows as I seem to sneak it into every presentation.
  4. I am also a fan of F1 – wish they’d all stop making the sport look foolish and extremely happy with the success of Jenson Button, well until the next rule change.
  5. I am apparently an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality scale and I am a fairly good public speaker, I get a lot of energy from talking to people and yet I consider myself quite shy, hate using the telephone – use e-mail far too much. I read that Kas Thomas is midly agoraphobic when travelling alone, locking himself in his hotel room rather than being in the bar – I can understand that and yet if my colleagues are around then I’ll be in the bar first (and probably last!).
  6. Currently one of my guilty pleasures is driving through tunnels! I have a previous shape BMW M3 and I love to open the windows and give it some beans, hear its evil howl and slow down and hear it pop on the downshift. (It also makes my kids scream!!)
  7. So, I am a “petrol head” (despite living there, I am not sure what the US translation is, surely can’t be gas head!) and once sat next to Lord March on a transatlantic flight. Lord March owns Goodwood, I am a big fan of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and we got chatting, not realising who he was and his intro of being ‘something to do with organising events at Goodwood’ didn’t help – although the penny slowly dropped a few hours in. In my defence, you don’t expect to find aristocracy in Premium Economy.
  8. I lived in the US for two years, in the DC suburbs in Virginia, had a superb time – confused everyone by driving a Camaro – with the license plate BRIT IAN
  9. I have two lovely daughters, that I insist on calling ‘little fellas’ and ‘my boys’ – at 8 and 5 they are now old enough to complain about that…
  10. Although I have travelled a fair amount in the last 10 years, I am increasingly feeling like a ‘home body’ and no longer travel well. I especially hate travelling economy long haul – but who doesn’t?

There done…

I also suggest checking out Julian Wrath and Jon Marks – who have also been drawn into Kas’ evil meme game.

As the rules of the game dictate, I need to tag some folks. So my colleagues who contribute to the this-is-marketing blog @mike_talbot, @joestanhope, @bob_barker consider yourselves tagged and I wonder if @dirkmshaw would like to play?

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7 thoughts on “A Meme Challenge – 10 things about me

  1. Well done! I commend you for allowing yourself to be sucked into this exercise in meme-ness. Very interesting. I can identify with self-taught (re computers), that’s very much me too.

    In the future, I’ll try to use my memes for Good, not Evil. ;^)

  2. @Kas Thomas Oh I think the buzz now firmly puts you in the evil camp, reading the other contributors so far it seems “Kas” and “evil” are now synonymous!

  3. Nice. What is it with F1 and CMS people, anyway. Guess what CMS F1.com is running on at the moment …

    And I’m sticking in the MemeID 42a4263e9ae40c23da79bd43370fd814 so Google will find you when this thing gets huge.

  4. @Jon Marks I think it’s because we see so many parallels with our own industry, the glamour, the travel, the international (meme driven) acclaim? Weren’t your colleagues Lost Boys a sponsor?

    Alright I admit it, I don’t know which CMS f1 is running and I am bracing myself for the shame when you tell me…

  5. For anyone who’s wondering the answer to who’s running F1.com – the answer from Jon Marks (@mcboof) @julesdw We develop and host F1.com – the living timings rock. Also did Red Bull Racing. We can get free tickets. Oh no, wait. We can’t 🙁

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