A buyer has nothing but time for your content

This week’s Tuesday 2¢, forget the goldfish, at the right time a real buyer will have nothing but time for your content.

The topic of attention in marketing is popular, I can’t bring myself to repeat the goldfish bollocks, but marketing is often driven by the view that we are working with a diminishing slice of time with an increasingly distracted content consumer.

Our campaigns have to be fast, grab that attention and get to the point, remarket, follow the consumer, shout me, me, me at every touchpoint and control the journey through the content to purchase. Long-form is out, ‘snackable’ is the watchword.

But, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer facing a considered purchase whether its an expensive holiday with loved ones or investment in enterprise software for work.

A snatched content conversation is not going to help as you are anxious to make the right decision. Concerned about how your choice of the holiday will reflect on you in the eyes of people special to you or as a B2B buyer how a buying decision will affect your career and reputation. No pressure.

Recently I was convinced I wanted to buy a pickup truck, for a brief time I became an expert on pickup trucks, watching every comparison video, manufactures product content, and anything I could find. For a goldfish with ADD, as our industry would have us believe, this consumer was pretty bloody attentive. I found the time.

And yes, look at your vanity metrics and you find that the long-form content, the full-length videos, the detail that only a real buyer would care about is not as popular. But, of course, it isn’t, look at the funnel, there are fewer buyers at the bottom than people snacking on that attention-grabbing tweet at the top.

A buyer has nothing but time for your content.

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