That time I was on the Weekly Wrap with Robert Rose

Something to tick off the list, I’ve been a long admirer of the podcast stylings of Robert Rose, been a fan of his work since his first book and so I was all giggly to be invited onto his show.

If you don’t know Robert, he’s a former marketing technology CMO, he was one of the founders of The Content Marketing Institute, he’s the author several books and host of two of my favorite podcasts This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and of course this The Weekly Wrap podcast and runs The Content Advisory.

You’ll probably notice from the conversation, I’ve known Robert Rose for over a decade. The first time I worked with Robert was back when I was at SDL, where I was VP of Product Marketing, got bitten by the content marketing bug, had Robert’s first book “Managing Content Marketing” and had the opportunity to work with him for the first time. With his guidance, I created a content marketing discipline with the marketing team there.

I then went on to create a content marketing capability in a US agency (Tahzoo) guided by many of the fundamentals that I got from those early engagements with Robert that I continue to use today.

Plus, when I first met Robert I was making the transition from technologist to technology marketer and the bookshelf you see in this video is stuffed with books he recommended I should read to learn this new craft.

So, needless to say, it was a joy to be on his podcast.

We talk and about an article that asks Why Does Search Suck? and we go on to explore an idea that I have that content needs to conform to the two meanings of the word “utility”: (1) It has to be useful and (2) it has to be available, like gas, electricity, or water around the business. I’m going to write more about this.

If you prefer to listen, rather than watch the YouTube video you can find this podcast episode here:


I hope you enjoy our chat, and, if you would like to hear more of me and Robert chatting, he’s now a regular on my Rockstar CMO FM podcast. From episode 9 he joins me in a slot suggesting a cocktail and one thought for the week.


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