9 Content Strategy Readiness Metrics

I am pretty fortunate to be engaged with some super customers on their content strategy programs. When we start the process, during the discovery process, I inevitably get asked “How do we compare?”.

Sometimes it’s a loaded question referring to their competitors, but really organizations are looking to see how they rate against an established best practices and to this end I have developed the 9 disciplines of content strategy and a maturity or readiness model that enables organizations to rate themselves across each of these disciplines along a scale of 1 to 5.

I have published the model in more detail on LinkedIn today and Persuasive Content, but below are the disciplines I consider when evaluating an organizations content strategy:

#1 – Alignment with business strategy and objectives

#2 – Audience Understanding and Customer Insight

#3 – Measurement

#4 – Content Relevance

#5 – Messaging and editorial framework

#6 – Content Operations

#7 – Common Vocabulary and Metadata

#8 – Channel Distribution

#9 – Governance and Compliance

What do you think? Anything I have missed?


Featured image by Webvila is shared under Creative Commons License. 

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