Tuesday 2¢: What Would They Thank Us For?

All of us marketers are looking for ways to hook our content onto the holidays, and it seems I am not different 🙂

It’s Thanksgiving week, a holiday that is not celebrated where I live in the UK, but as someone who has spent years living in the US, including some of the formative years for my children, it’s something that we recognise in our house.

The marketing playbook would suggest that right now, aside from offering amazing, unbeatable and ‘never to be repeated’ Black Friday offers, we take time to thank our customers, which is a good thing.

But that’s really all about us, and I wondered about a more outside-in perspective of thanks and gratitude, especially in B2B, where we have a reputation for being pretty self-centred with our marketing, all about us, our story, our features and such.

Which led me to think, from the customers, prospects and audience perspective – what would they thank us for? 

And maybe we should take a moment and think about that as a litmus test of our content.

In addition to asking during our planning process “Why” and “Who cares?” maybe we should try asking, “Would they thank us for this?”

As marketers, we are not on the support desk, helping people directly, but it’s established that content marketing is about helping people and creating a trusted bond that leads to a commercial relationship.

So, if that’s true, what, as marketers, do we do that a customer, potential buyer or influencer might thank us for? 

I mean, if we really helped, they’d thank us, right?

Or, put a different way, to labour the point (I should say “labor” in a Thanksgiving post), is our content good enough that someone would thank us for it?

I shared a story last week where someone was absorbing all of a vendor’s content, webinars and events but never moved to becoming a customer. They were thankful for the education, although they were not in a position to buy, and their gratitude was demonstrated by them recommending the solution to fellow marketers who had a budget.

So, what would your audience be thankful for?

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