Tuesday 2¢ – Under new management. So what?

Last week I was inspired by a van, keeping it nice and provincial, this week, I walked past a pub. 

According to a big sign across the front, a pub in town is under new management, and below where it says “under new management”, it also says that they also have a new kitchen manager. 

My wife and I go to a few places in town, but this isn’t somewhere we’ve been. I’m not sure why, as I quite like pubs, the decor seems nice, it seems like a good place to watch sports, and they have a decent enough looking pub grub type menu. 

But, when we are in that casual mood, we prefer the pub up the road, the one across the road, the cafe bar opposite or the pizza restaurant.

It just doesn’t seem to be our kind of place. 

Well, now it’s now under new management. 

So, what does that mean to me, as a potential customer?

Should I care?

You need to be very familiar with a pub to know how well it’s managed. And, you would have had to experience the service and taste the food to know if a new kitchen manager would change the experience. So perhaps this is a good sign for former customers, who were disappointed by these things and might come back. 

Or, like balloons and bunting outside a kid’s house on their birthday, the sign is more of a celebration for the new manager, staff and the pub regulars. The pub’s goldfish bowl. 

In either case, the sign is not for me. 

How does the sign tell me, a potential new customer, that this is now our kind of place?

What’s really changed that might be meaningful to me?

To use the parlance of modern content marketing – is this sign useful to me?

How many press releases, tweets, LinkedIn updates, or even emails from companies have you seen like that?

So, a bit like my van story last week, when we market, we need to think about each communication.

Is it useful to the right audience, are we just talking to ourselves or our little goldfish bowl? 

Fancy more of this?

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