Tuesday 2¢ – Make ART, not WAR

Last week, I presented an idea, and here it is.

I had the pleasure of speaking at The Martech Festival in Utrecht last week.

Yes, I was only “speaking”. Has anyone else noticed that in this time of hustle, anyone who farts near a breakout room at the back of the main speaking track of an event now describes themselves as a “keynote speaker”? Anyway…

I don’t do much speaking these days, but without much encouragement, I’ll breathlessly and somewhat profanely share an idea or two with people grateful to be sitting down.

On this occasion, in my presentation, I discussed the idea I share a lot here that I believe that the objective of marketing is to create ART (Awareness Revenue and Trust) and to frame that discussion for this audience; I was wondering – what’s the alternative?

How should I describe the opposite of creating ART?

I declared that it was WAR

Wasteful Acts of Randomness

WAR are the things you do

  • Because you always do them
  • Because your competitors do them
  • Because an executive read an inflight magazine (or LinkedIn Post)
  • That do not create ART

You know, the sort of thing.

That’s it for this week, it might actually be only 2¢, and I have reached Godin levels of pithiy’ism.

Yes, folks: Make ART not WAR.

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