Tuesday 2¢: Hey cyborg; how human do you want to be?

Yes, yes, yes, another blog post riding in the wake of the hot topic of 2023, artificial intelligence, and the rise of the robots writing our content.

Like you, and well, just about everyone, over the weekend I was messing with ChatGPT, for giggles I’ve been tasking it with creating all of the content for a fake B2B technology company website – that I might publish for a laugh – and probably need to now I’ve mentioned it. 

Starting with the prompt of what a B2B CMO cares about, and what pages a B2B website needs and then digging into each point with follow-up questions. It’s been a hell of a rabbit hole to dive down, and honestly, the results are astonishing.

Like really, I just laughed as the little cursor jiggled over words that would certainly pass mustard on 99% of your typical B2B tech website, in fact, let’s face it, it was better. 

If I had the time and was not such a rusty, old-time code slinger, I am probably a few lines of code away from being able to auto-generate a decent, passable, B2B tech WordPress site that my robot pal could throw up in minutes. 

If only I had the product this beautiful robot is describing, but hey, I just need to hook it up to a robot-developer code generator and you would buy it. 

At this point, there is a part of me that wants to be that cool jaded dude that sniffs at this magic box of tricks, doesn’t share this post and stands on the sidelines puffing on a Gauloise, while robot-beatle-ChatGPT-mania ensues.

And not be the kid that just opened his first Scalextric set (slot cars to you Americans) on Christmas morning and whooping with joy at the cars going around. I’m happy to share with you my whooping and the grin on my face as I read the results of my ChatGPT interactions, like I say, it was bloody fun.

YES! B2B content can be fun when you watch a robot writing it – hey, you gotta have a hobby.

And maybe you could argue there is some intelligence in the keyboard guiding the bot – in that with years of B2B experience that now gets counted in decades, I know the buttons to press, the prompts to prompt and the follow-up questions, so maybe not that astonishing.

And we are well within the guard rails of the data set, we are diving into the sensible, boring end of the pool. My robot buddy has a billion dull B2B websites to mine for ideas and thousands of commentators who have written all the words on what a CMO wants. No risk of anything controversial here.

As an aside – a good friend of my podcast, Irene Nehrkorn-Kayn shared on LinkedIn a nice post about prompting the robots. My comment; it will become a skill to boast about on LinkedIn!

OK, I’ve had my fun and maybe I’ll show you what I made, but this is one end of the scale of using this technology to write everything on a website, but I think we are mostly of the point of view that Ann Handley opined that:

AI is a robot perched on our shoulder, not the creator at the keyboard.

Ann Handley – from her newsletter.

As I write this Grammerly is busily running around my prose, sweeping up the boo-boos, wanting to remove the superfluous, suggesting I sound just a bit more professional, or that a quantifier does not fit with a countable noun. If I was writing this in Microsoft Word it would probably be arguing with Microsoft’s little grammar guiding robo-goblin too.

Whichever of these robots is guiding my writing, sometimes I agree with it and sometimes I want you, the reader, to know that I don’t fucking care what quantifier a countable noun needs when a sentence sounds fun. 

And that’s the choice and the point of this week’s 2 cents. On one end of the scale I have fully robot-created pages of copy for not the dullest B2B website you may get to see, to this post where I have disregarded much of my little robot assistant has suggested.  

We are all cyborgs, part human, part robot writers, and have been since the first spell-checker and the faithful paperclip deciding if “it looks like you are writing a letter” – we just need to decide how much human we want to be.

Yes, Grammerly how much human we want to be.

The image was created using A.I. appropriately for this post, through NightCafe Creator – the prompt “a woman with a half human and half robot head typing on a laptop in black, white and purple

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