Tuesday 2¢: Blame My Assistant

Yeah, another post that mentions ChatGPT, I blame my assistant…

My summation of ChatGPT right now, in all the commentary I hear, is something like this:

It gives you the average of everything it knows, based on the past, to say the same as everyone else about what you asked for.

I probably shouldn’t be adding to the content landfill that is already full of this topic, but I’ve been thinking about the last bit, “what you asked for”

There seems to be a small industry being created around prompts and teaching yourself how to speak to the robots.

But, even if we were fluent in the language of the prompt, would we ask the right question?

I recently had an interesting chat with a chum of mine on this topic. He’s a developer, a veteran of the craft, shall we say, as I’ve known him for over 25 years.

And we chatted about AI writing code, and he was untroubled. He told me his issue is that his clients don’t always know what they want, and ChatGPT (and the like) would give his clients what they ask for, not what they actually need.

And that’s the thing.

Even if you describe these tools as assistants, you’d like more.

In the past on this topic, I’ve referred to Ann Handley saying, “AI is a robot perched on our shoulder, not the creator at the keyboard.” I like this, but how dull is the assistant that only does what you ask?

Wouldn’t a more helpful assistant be like my coding mate who says, “nah… if you want to achieve this, you are asking for the wrong thing”

But the robots don’t know what we want or need, just what we ask for.

As I write this, I am fighting with Grammarly about not sounding confident enough and using the phrase “small industry” (apparently, I should be saying miniature industry). Really?


What if it said, “Really Ian? You are sharing a 2 cents on artificially generated content again? I suggest what the kids want to hear about is….”

And… maybe…

You’d have enjoyed this post a lot more. 🙂

All the robots are doing the things over here, the image used in this blog post was created using A.I. through NightCafe Creator

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