Tuesday 2¢: Being There Versus Being First

As a content creator, you might feel all your ideas have already been written, but those ideas don’t have to be first or original, they just need to be there, trusted and convenient.

Have you ever been looking for a new car and asked advice from a friend who knows a lot about cars?

Or sought the experience of a neighbor who just had a home extension built and now believe this is the truth about local building regulations?

Or maybe sought the advice of a trusted chum who seems particularly good at filing their taxes?

Of course, we all do this; we ask our friends and family for advice.

And yet, in theory, we have the whole world of knowledge and potential access to the #1 or even the #1000 expert on whatever question or challenge we have right here in our hand. We are all, after all, now connected.

But who puts in that kind of work?

I don’t mean doing a simple Google search, but getting the advice you actually trust through connecting with a genuine expert, when your knowledgeable, yet amateur car buying, extension building, tax efficient chum is right here, forming your opinion on the topic over a beer.

This is a simplistic comparison, chum versus internet search, but my point is that every day we listen and trust people who provide non-original content to inform our decisions.

The right mix of trust, credibility and convenience beats the work needed to find the #1 expert.

I hear this all the time in consulting.

I was recently chatting to a friend over lunch who was having this exact experience. She is working with a large corporation doing the thing they have the most experience of and reputation for, and the company trusts them.

The company are now asking her to do more, and provide advice on topics, technology and business practices where there are better qualified consultants in the world.

(Not that my friend can’t provide fantastic advice, it’s just these are not areas she has established credibility)


Because she is trusted and convenient.

So, if you are a content creator, agonising as many of us do with the imposter syndrome of thinking your ideas are not original. They could be original to someone who trusts you.

And, those ideas may not have found their way to your audience, because they needed someone like you that they trust to share them.

That’s my thought for this week. We are all under pressure to be original and different, but maybe we shouldn’t worry too much, just be trusted and be convenient.

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