Tuesday 2¢: 5 steps to a bigger goldfish

Inspired by The Marketing Book Podcast you could argue that this week’s Tuesday 2¢ is really someone else five cents as I share what I learned about goldfish today.

This week, I’m inspired by the Marketing Book Podcast, I listened to the latest episode today and it featured the book “Purple Goldfish 2.0” by Stan Phelps, who has written seven books all titled with different colors of goldfish.

Why goldfish?

Well, for change this isn’t that old hackneyed rubbish (and untrue) reference to our apparent diminishing attention span.

According to the interview, Stan Phelps has this mild goldfish obsession as there are 5 reasons why some goldfish are tiny and the biggest can grow to be over two-foot long. As he explains, the size of your goldfish depends on the following and it’s an excellent business growth analogy:

  1. The size of the bowl – how big the market is
  2. The number of other fish – how many competitors
  3. The quality of the water – the business environment
  4. The first four months of life – foundations as a startup or success of a new product launch
  5. Genetic make-up – your company differentiation

I really like this, suggest you listen to the podcast to hear it first hand, I’ll be buying the book, and thought I’d share.

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