Other Writing – 2009 Roundup

Here are some articles I wrote for other publications during 2009, while working for Alterian Plc (since acquired by SDL). Including articles for Engaging Times, CMS Wire, Destination CRM and EContent magazine.

The Web Analytics Revolution – Engaging Times – October, 2009

Coverage of  a report by Eric T Peterson – a veteran of the web analytics business, Principal Consultant at Web Analytics Demystified  – on his view on the revolution happening in web analytics.

Google – The New Citizen Engagement Portal – Engaging Times – October, 2009

After meeting David Pullinger from the UK governments Central Office of Information(COI) – I wrote this piece on the increasing awareness that UK government organizations have around how Google is the first port of call for their constituents and what this means for them.

little-book1The Little Book of Web Engagement – One of the Little Book series for Alterian, September 2009

I wrote a very small book about web engagement as part of a content marketing campaign for Alterian. Described to me by Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute as “the best piece of content marketing” he’d seen of that type.

Other articles:

How to Engage Your Audience Through Web Content – CMS Wire – September, 2009
Good Service, Good People, Good Content Management – Destination CRM – July, 2009
SaaS: The Secret Weapon for Profits (and the Planet) – EContent Magazine article by Carolina M. Reid -Jan, 2009

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