Tuesday 2¢: It’s time to be uncomfortable

Tuesday 2¢, what do you say on the day of the funeral of George Floyd, killed in police custody in the US?

Like a lot of people, I am conflicted about posting anything right now. I committed myself earlier in the year to get back into the discipline of posting every Tuesday. But today, writing about marketing is trivial.

World events are challenging to watch. Our social feeds are even more challenging to read, seemingly acting as a lightning rod for the loud minority on both sides, getting amplified by the ones they outrage.

In the middle, I’ve heard from people worried about staying quiet as some say “silence equals violence” and yet as emotion runs high, a well-meaning but ill-judged word could be worse. Yep. Speak up or stay quiet, it’s uncomfortable.

But it’s time to be uncomfortable.

In business, being uncomfortable is seen as good and is encouraged. If you are uncomfortable in a new role, you are pushing yourself. If you are uncomfortable with your marketing, it’s differentiated. The attributes of great companies like business change, creativity, and innovation make us uncomfortable.

Change is uncomfortable.

Let’s hope that’s what’s happening here.


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