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My informal personal blog, once called “Hovering Over the Back Button”, now, as I post on Tuesday’s it’s “Tuesday 2¢”, if you want to follow it every week, I’ve created a LinkedIn newsletter too.

  • It’s Alterian!

    After a short period of fevered speculation our potential acquirer was announced on Friday as Alterian plc – I say potential as it’s subject to all the customary closing conditions which are likely to take

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  • Any Comments?

    Alright so I am not exactly on the bleeding edge of this subject, it’s been knocking about for a while, but if you are taking your first steps in engaging with your audience it’s still

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  • Seven Deadly Sins White Paper

    The presentation I gave at IMS has been turned into a white paper, with assistance from Kerry one of our marketing managers – you can get it at our website here: Seven Deadly Sins Discussion

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  • Push – Back?

    I have been talking to an interesting UK company – Push Technology – and their Diffusion product – who are riding on a re-emerging wave of demand for push web technologies.

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