On CMSWire – Forget the Channels, Focus on the People

Commentators are still referring to a shift in customer experience channels “that is coming”, including this piece by Ted Schadler of Forrester, co-author of “The Mobile Mind Shift.” In it, he writes:

Mobile has increasingly become the go-to device to fulfill a consumer need

Schadler caveats his statement, he says “has increasingly become,” where I think he could be bolder and simply say “is.”

Mobile is the go-to device to fulfill a consumer need

I refer to this as I’ve recently had an article published on CMSWire, inspired by these articles and a recent experience with a rental car company I argue that the “omni-channel” customer experience is here today, but, based on my experience – it’s the people we now need to fix.

You can read the full article here.

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