Ian Truscott

Creating ART for Innovators. That’s Awareness, Revenue, and Trust for innovative B2B technology companies.

Considered to be a content marketing and product marketing expert, I like working with B2B tech vendors, helping them create their story, develop a strategy to tell it, and assemble the essential technology building blocks to make that happen.

Currently, I am the CMO at Spotler Group and advisor to Storyblok and Orange Logic. I am the founder and Chief Bottle Washer at Rockstar CMO, a marketing advisory firm with a blog and a podcast.

As a technologist turned marketer with over two decades of experience working for B2B vendors, as an industry analyst and on the agency and consulting side, I have a broad perspective… [ Read More ]

I was named in “Top 20 martech influencers in the UK” by B2BMarketing.net.

.. manages to explain business-critical ideas clearly and with a sense of humor — which is a rarity in this area. His enthusiasm for the market he works in no way dulls his critical abilities. I recommend anyone looking for a voice of reason in the software technology world to seek Ian’s input

Siobhan Fagan, Managing Editor at Simpler Media Group, Inc.