I’m Ian Truscott, passionate about how brands provide remarkable, content driven, digital experiences that will engage visitors through the fog of digital disruption.

I have spent much of my career in leadership positions at major digital marketing software vendors, analyst firms and agencies, advising recognised brands such as 3M, SAS, American Express, NASDAQ, Jaguar Land Rover and AstraZeneca on their content technologies and digital strategies.

I’ve been a CTO, Product Marketer, Industry Analyst and Director of the Content Management Professionals Association. I have spoken at events, written articles and white papers that have been published on various industry online and printed publications. But most importantly; I am a trusted advisor to my clients.

You can read my blog here, take a look at my CV/ Resume or maybe see me in action on video. Curious about why I call this blog Hovering Over the Back Button? Well, you can read about that here.

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