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Former CMO, reformed CTO and software product guy, my passion is to help B2B marketing teams succeed by creating ART – Awareness, Revenue and Trust. Through developing compelling brand stories, defining the category, marketing technology selection, content marketing, audience insight and simply getting s**t done.

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Yep, I have a simple philosophy about the role of marketing – we have to create awareness, revenue and trust (ART) – although not always in that order, but who would get excited about creating TAR?  You can read more about my approach to that here.

Hovering over the back button?

I started using this phrase around 2008, in various presentations and articles I was writing to describe the challenge of web engagement.

We all land on a page from a list of Google results and make a very quick decision about whether this site is going to help us achieve our goal or if we go back to the search results and try someone else. The challenge is that the opportunity to engage a visitor is extremely brief

There is no barrier for them to leave – as they hover over the back button.  My blog has always been about how we might keep them around for a little longer.


Software companies are in my blood

After a self-taught IT apprenticeship working day and night shifts in an old school computer room,  for almost 20 years I’ve been in the B2B software industry,  something that is in my blood as I have done almost every job, from sales, product development to CTO and crafting my marketing trade from pre-sales, product marketing to most recently being a CMO of  software business that we doubled in size in year one. Along the way I have been an analyst and strategic consultant and I have worked with some amazing brands like 3M, SAS, American Express and Nasdaq. 

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Boutique (yes, small!) B2B marketing strategic consulting business, described as “CMO-as-a-Service” we help clients create ART (Awareness, Revenue and Trust), specializing in product go-to-market, category insight and definition, content marketing and all that good stuff. 

The name is derived from the latin “appropinquo” meaning; to near, drawn near, come close or approach and that’s our specialism, to get you closer to your customers.

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Rockstar CMO

Founder and Editor of Rockstar CMO, a new voice in the marketing industry. Our jam is to share big marketing opinions and ideas undiluted with business speak, to create and share stuff that people really give a crap about, and give some daytime airtime to those that might otherwise be on late night marketing radio. 



Semi-regular columnist for CMSWire – a popular web magazine published by Simpler Media Group, Inc. whose daily updates keep you in the know about Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management.
Was named contributor of the year in 2016. 

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Hovering over the back button

I started using this phrase around 2008, in various presentations and articles to describe the challenge of web engagement. A visitor comes to your website, within a few seconds they make a decision to click back to a page of  search results or engage with you.

They are ‘hovering over the back button’ and this blog was born. 

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