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I run a marketing consulting agency called appropingo and we specialize in helping B2B organizations to create ART; Awareness, Revenue and Trust.


 / a-prō-piŋ-go /

our name is derived from the latin “appropinquo” meaning; to near, drawn near, come close or approach and that’s our specialism, to get you closer to your customers

Currently we are helping a small portfolio of B2B clients, defining their place in the market, their brand story, the people they need to that make it happen and the content marketing that lights the blue touch paper that takes B2B from B 2 Boring to B 2 People.

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Aside from my current clients, my experience includes Nasdaq, American Express and 3M, working for the ‘mad men’ at McCann (one of the ‘ big 4’ agency networks) and a period as a software industry analyst working with leading marketing technology software vendors, like SDL, Adobe and Oracle. Experience that has given me an understanding of the needs of all sides of the B2B market; suppliers, agencies and clients.

As Editor-In-Chief of RockstarCMO.com, I have a fantastic vantage point over the hot topics, diverse needs and challenges facing organisations today, through our splendid peer community of leading marketers and engagement with its marketing savvy audience.

I am technologist turned marketing leader, with a 25 year international career that started in a mainframe computer room to becoming a growth enabler, trusted advisor and CMO, working for organisations across North America and Europe, from Austin to Zurich.

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Ian is a creative and energetic person with strong principals and abilities to make things happen… I always trusted his critical thinking and ability to synergize sales needs with marketing and finance process and impact. 

Ron Judd VP, Sales – North America at InMoment