Hovering Over The Back Button

Wonder why I call my blog hovering over the back button? Find out here.

Is it time to be like Prince?

Maybe lockdown has me stir crazy and I am looking at everything through the lens of the current situation and marketing specifically, but on Twitter Mark Ritson shared a wonderful video of Prince that got me thinking.

Tuesday 2¢: Work in the “new normal”

This post is a bit more than two cents, as I continue to ruminate on what’s next, plus someone asked some questions on Twitter that needed more than 280 chars. One thing is right, although days in lockdown are blurred, it is Tuesday!

Interview with Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore

Recently I was interviewed by Paige O’Neill, CMO Sitecore. Which was a rarity for me these days to be interviewed by someone else, as I am normally doing the interviewing, either over on RockstarCMO or as some folks remember the close to 90 interviews of my colleagues when as CMO of censhare on Inside censhare…

Start With How?

As we all sit in lockdown, you might be losing track of the days. It’s Tuesday and this week I suggest that as content marketers we need to focus not just on the why? But the how?