Tuesday 2¢: COVID, etiquette and safe sex

Gah! This Tuesday 2¢ is more COVID, sorry. I am still curious about the lasting impact as we seem to have moved through the immediate lockdown crisis, looking ahead to a “new” normal to a realization that this is it. And today, I’m thinking about manners. Yep, this seems to be a regular topic for..

Tuesday 2¢: COVID, travel, and life: FOGO vs FOMO vs Cost

I’m sorry, but this COVID crisis seems to be an itch I just keep scratching and in this Tuesday 2¢ I talk about the juggling this new risk. I know, we are all tired of the ill-informed and unqualified commentary on the current crisis, but consider my exploration of this here on my blog with..

Tuesday 2¢: Our Asteroid.

This Tuesday 2¢ I’m cheating a bit, this is lifted from some work I am doing for a client. Not the good stuff, just an analogy of the current crisis that a chum asked me to share.